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I'm excited to be partnering with

Vikki Scarafiotti, Principal
Scarafiotti Consulting, LLC

With 25 years of continuous nonprofit, hospital, and government agency experience, Vikki has earned a reputation for providing transformational leadership, recruiting and developing high functioning boards of directors and increasing nonprofit revenues by 100% or more with agencies where she served as CEO. Vikki is known for organizational capacity building, strategic initiative planning and execution and guiding agencies through difficult times including, dissolution, program services redesign, capital expansion, mergers, and HR and financial crisis situations. She is recognized as a turnaround leader, driving excellence and building value. Vikki has provided professional leadership, vision and direction to a multitude of companies and agencies serving such diverse interests as the arts, health, environment, and youth.

A Bit About Vikki

The Pivot Pros are a newly formed team of experienced former CEO’s
meeting the needs of the nonprofit community as organizations

“pivot beyond covid” and the once in a century impact of a global
pandemic. The
Pivot Pros will conduct a customized gaps analysis of
your organization with a newly designed
Pivot Assessment Tool that evaluates the following:

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